Exciting News at Stack Performance:

With great excitement we want to share the news of our expansion into the European market – more directly, Porsche. Through the years, we have always tried to be trend-setters, which has allowed us to do what we love to do, with the vehicles we choose to surround ourselves with. We have realized the demand for quality, not quantity and have always spent our days and nights providing the finest craftsmanship possible. In the past 2 years, we have slowly broadened our experience with many different types of vehicles without losing focus on our “bread and butter” Chrysler roots. This past May, we decided to jump in head first with our expansion and it has since proven to be a wonderful marriage. This expansion/merge has allowed us to occupy 2 facilities and grow our staff, hiring very experienced technicians to help us with new venture. We are very fortunate to have such a loyal following and we truly appreciate the years of loyalty.

In addition we now have 3 local branches helping us with our installs and overflow Chrysler builds and are working on direct Dodge/Chrysler Dealership programs including 2 local Dodge Dealerships. It is our goal to build relationships in key areas across the nation to allow us the opportunity to work with selected qualified service providers. These shops will not only carry the Stack Performance line of performance products, but will act as install shops for our products as well as other fine brands.

For information on becoming an SP Authorized Dealer / Install Shop, please contact us at info@stackperformance.com and reference “Dealer Inquiry” in the subject line. Our Sales Support will forward you an application for consideration.